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Our core values of faith and integrity are embedded deep in our minds. We wish to win the trust of not only our clients and partners but also the society. The entire Nestavera Team, strongly believes that - A little on our part, is More for Underprivileged. It is our duty as responsible citizens to take fruitful social welfare initiatives, which can help the needy. Our ultimate aim with our corporate social responsibility initiative is to inculcate the thought in the minds of those we are helping, that they too can Pin their Faith on Us, to help them overcome the problems they face in their everyday lives.

The Initiatives that we are currently focusing our attention on are –

  • We wish to create awareness among the labor class about the hazardous nature of the work that they do for a living. We wish to educate them about a simple fact, that wearing something as simple as a mask while doing paint jobs, or carpentry, can reduce their exposure to various health issues. We have got in touch with a few contractors, and are providing masks for the laborers.

  • Secondly, after a lot of search we have discovered, that there are still a lot of orphanages in Bangalore that need a lot of help. We reached out to The Angel’s Orphanage in Shivaji Nagar, which supports about 50 kids in the age group of 4-18 years. On our visit to the orphanage we discovered that all children go to school, and after interactions with the children, we realized that it really is unfortunate that such bright children have to suffer, because of lack of basic amenities. We have decided to offer them regular monthly support with donations in kind, with the items on their wish list such as cleaning materials, groceries and kitchen appliances, medicines and first aid kits, and sanitation for young girls. This list may change on the basis of their utilization and needs. We also aim to sponsor the education of few children of the orphanage in the upcoming academic session of 2018-19.

We wish to undertake new social welfare activities every couple of months, apart from what we are already involved in.