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At NestaVera, we strongly believe in diversity for the market. No matter how steady the market appears, it tends to be volatile. Therefore, a broader approach of holding and functioning with a diversified portfolio, is adapted to ensure returns, profitability and economic and social value. NestaVera not only aims to build businesses, which give economic returns, but also offer collective growth and value for the society at large.

Semper Fidelis – A promise to live by

Our name, in itself is an affirmation of our intent, for Nesta means Pure and Vera means Faith.
Our Logo is the bird, Goose, which is represented by the Latin word “Semper Fidelis”, which means “always faithful” and “always loyal”.
We have chosen the Goose, to represent us, as its symbolic attributes of, loyalty, teamwork, confidence, protection, determination, courage, inspiration, guidance and stability, along with its ability to soar to greater heights, are in accordance with our purpose.


We aspire to actualise both economic and social development, wealth and value, with the approach that is not only Novel but also backed by our core principles of Faith and Integrity.


NestaVera represents a consortium of diverse companies that seek business utility and profitability with the motive to minimise risks and maximise returns and value in today's modern dynamic business conditions. At NestaVera, we also seek to construct and promote a platform through which we can distinguish and nurture passion for business, innovation and entrepreneurship in a way that leads to emergence of productive and valuable organisations. We aim to do so with our flexible and innovative methodologies and business models that create a culture of trust and transparency not only at the workplace but also amongst our companies which will further give our customers, every reason to pin their faith on us.





The Chairman of NestaVera Group of Companies is a Chartered Accountant. A visionary and a leading consultant on tax and foreign exchange laws in India, Ramji is a partner of Mehrotra & Mehrotra which was started in...



Managing Director

India's strength lies in its youth. For a country that is all set to reap the benefits of having a youthful population education is of prime importance, believes Manas Mehrotra, Managing Director, NestaVera Group of Companies.




Prachi is a Director as NestaVera. She has her Bachelor degree in Management Studies, from The University of Nottingham, UK, and also holds an MBA with specialisations in Marketing and Finance, from Amity University.